Sunday, January 30, 2011


My Birthday C Moore age 11

Here are the end result of two wonderful sketches by the children at our birthday, where we explored Monet and the impressionists! The children had a fun filled party, painting and pinata and produced some wonderful paintings! Though the subject was the same, the 13 paintings turned out differently,all with their own personality!

Inspired by Waterlilies T Moore age 13

Life has been busy throwing us her ups and down. This last week we celebrated both the death of a dear friend and young mother who passed away, and the birthday of our lovely daughter - an emotional time. Bittersweet.

and today for the Brave Girls Club

The details of life are awesome, enjoy the ride!
Friends are Awesome!

Have a Happy Sunday and enjoy the moments in your day!

xxxx L

Visit other sketches at BlueChairDiary!


  1. Both paintings are so good, you must be proud of your kids! I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your friend!

  2. Your kids are amazing - and I love both of these paintings! Very sorry to hear about your friend.

    Happy birthday to your daughter.


  3. Wow, again such talented little ones, aren't they! Sounds like a great idea for a party.
    sorry to hear about your friend...that's why we have to enjoy everyday!!! every moment...
    happy birthday to your daughter - xo

  4. So sorry to hear your sad news.

    These paintings are great. It's wonderful sharing art with children. I bought my son a book of famous paintings and he is enjoying looking at the different styles. He was certainly amazed by Jackson Pollock!!

  5. Both of those paintings are quite amazing, I must say. Very good! :)

    I'm sorry to hear of your recent losses. Lifting you and your family up from here. Big hugs.

  6. Sorry to hear about your loss and hope all is well with your family. xoxoxo

    You are so wonderful, and to show your children the joys within art's history is so great...they are so talented at their age.

  7. beautiful Monet inspired sketches. Life can be bittersweet, that's the truth. Sorry for your loss.

  8. Sorry to hear about your friend, but I love the paintings. My favourite place to hang out is the Impressionist wing at the National Gallery in London, where this painting hangs. I come over with a complete sense of calm, even in the middle of a bustling city of over 8 million people!

  9. these are wonderful, I love the colors!

  10. Happy Birthday C!!!

    So sorry to hear your news and for your loss. :( Big hug to all.

    These turned out lovely!

  11. I love the Monet inspired painting. So sorry to hear about your loss. Hang in there.

  12. I'm sorry to hear about your friend... Big hugs to you and your family.

    The paintings are wonderful - what a great way to celebrate C's birthday :)


  13. Lovely idea for a birthday party! The children's paintings are fabulous.

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Monet is a beautiful tribute to her.

  14. interesting paintings..
    thnx for stopping by my blog..the bindis were taken from my mum's dresser :P :)

  15. oh they are lovely and definitely Monet! That was the first thing I though when I saw the pic even before I read.

    sorry to hear of your loss :(
    Yes bittersweet is right for loss make us appreciate life more.
    Glad your daughter has a great birthday.

  16. Sorry for the loss of a friend. I love the paintings, Monet is one of my all time favorite artist. The kids are doing very well in their art.

  17. Your kids did a great job, sounds like a fun party. Sorry to hear about your friend.

  18. Sorry to hear about your ups and downs.

    You have very talented children!

  19. Love these two paintings...great idea for a party...I'm sorry to hear about your friend..hug

  20. lovely works of art, they're so talented

  21. ah, it leaves an impression ~ well done!

  22. These are lovely! The kids did fantastic.


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