Monday, September 7, 2009

We Grew a Watermelon!

We have been looking after our neighbours fish, house and vegetable garden while they are in France (ok I am jealous)! It is a great exercise for the children, caring for someone else’s things, especially an animal and a garden. The harvesting of a garden is calming and connects them to the earth in this oh so suburban mecca we live in. We have our own veggie patch too and this year, though small and somewhat scraggly, it has produced a bounty of tomatoes, cucumber, lettuces, peas, beans, blueberries, zucchini, one watermelon which is very exciting. Even if we only got two tomatoes it would be worth it though – veggies we grew on our table teaches more than hours of explanation from mother or teacher.

Day before the first day of school! 5 pm dinner. Reading 7pmish. 8pm lights out. Lots of outdoor time today to insure a good sleep and it worked! Lots of trampoline! Bags packed (by children),school clothes out on end of bed (children responsible for this), lunches packed (by me tonight, will work toward children’s involvement more this year I say – I say that every year but I’d better get on it , they are after all grades 4 and 6)!

Often at bed my son starts a wild and wonderful series of ideas, anecdotes and philosophical questions. He is wide open at this time – great way to learn what is going on for him, but not tonight! I actually think I should start him to bed ½ hour earlier to make better use of this great time for communication but so far have not been able to accomplish this. My daughter goes right to sleep most nights. My son’s mind starts going! Luckily not tonight – he is physically tired and nods off quickly without the ongoing discussion first. I read and get to bed at a reasonable hour too for a change!

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