Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School - September Project 1

First day of school, again! I keep it basically the same year after year. I think this provides some security on day when one is faced with the unknown - new responsibilities, a new teacher, a new grade. The children have their clothes laid out, clean, ironed, at the end of their bed. They wake to their regular morning routine, me trying to remain calm and unhurried singing in full or in bits, our morning song. “Good morning to you, good morning to you”. Luckily this year we switched off the light at a reasonable hour so I am somewhat refreshed. The children, as they have done now for years make beds, get dressed and start on piano while I make breakfast – outside today (always if possible). We have added a covered area out back of our house and I highly recommend it! We all wear our night robes over our clothes if it is nippy or we have a heater too but in the morning I never seem to get that on.

Breakfast served with the morning verse we’ve said and sung all week – no w a rhythm we are used to. I sit for breakfast. I take a first day of school photo at the table and one later in front of flowers just as we leave. It took me many years to get to that – I wish I had always done so. My folks always did I think. Teeth, more piano and out the door. Bags were packed last night and lunches were made then also so the morning could be more relaxed. Nothing I hate more than a crazy morning flying out the door. A few years back we just started getting up earlier so we could accommodate a slower a.m. That has worked rather well. We started drive to school visualizations today right off the bat. I will explain that at a later date, but it is a wonderful way to start the day!

Noon pick-up and the children are calm and happy. Today I go on the internet and print some photos of Michael and the Dragon. Samples on the table the children draw lovely line drawings as this is the only early dismissal this month. These are line drawings. We will pencil crayon them later this month and put them up for contemplation mid-month. This is a new idea this year and I like it. Children are older. September Project 1.

Now like last night I aim for 5pm dinner, reading by 7, 7:30pm and lights out by 8. This will allow everyone to be fresh by 7 tomorrow morning and get us into a routine I hope!

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