Sunday, September 27, 2009

Soup's Up

I am not getting to the bedtime song much so far this fall. Even when the children ask I seem to be singing a line then getting lost doing something else. So much for being present! The other day a friend mentioned that I only had five years left with my son as he is twelve (plus 5 is seventeen and well on his way to independence and adulthood – frightening!) I will have to keep this in mind and sing as we get near to bedtime, more often. What a lovely memory to have and a calm way to get to bed!

With the harvest season I am making soup once a week and collecting some great and easy recipes. OK, so this is my second week of this, sounds like I’ve been doing it for months. But the intent is there! I make a batch then freeze 2 to 3 tubs so I have it on hand. I will also have soup on hand as a gift. I find people have always loved my homemade gifts but my new thing is homemade gifts that do not sit and take space- rather the love they are made with can be immediately consumed. A bottle of wine is always an easy one, but soup, bread, veggies and herbs grown in our garden are great!

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