Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Virgin a Day: Day 11 / Sunday Sketches

musing out loud

Mary wondered where she'd landed, she wasn't at all sure she liked this whole burka thing, but then again, how different was it from the head covering she was used to wearing? (the tradition of her day), and how different was this Qur'an? were the stories not similar.. were the essential teaching not the same; to love your neighbour, to serve a greater good? to see the divine mustn't we be willing to explore its many interpretations, its many shapes and forms..

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In gilt and gold she floated
endless as time
filling the space between the stars

Blessings xxxx

A Virgin a Day

more gilt and gold here


  1. Wow, you've been busy...great job.. :)

  2. gorgeous!! how about explaining the process? I would love to know more about the gilt? Am following the link right now! thank you for this lovely post

  3. What an interesting piece. The gold gilt on the bottom one is incredible.

  4. Wow..such a gorgeous post..beautiful work!

  5. Such a fascinating post.Your work is amazing. I shall return:)

  6. lovely thoughts and wonderful to see your art. lovely sunday to you and yours.

  7. Very interesting and thoughtful piece of Mary in the burka. Love the gilt and gold photos too.

  8. Thank you Hettienne.. the process was a therapeutic journey.. I lost a dear friend this year to Ovarian cancer and wanted to give her girls something to remember their mother by as they are young and their memories may fade.. together several moms wrote stories and memories of their mother and 2 of us painted and drew art. Though the gift was for the girls there was also the therapeutic gift of writing our words. 2 journals (2 girls) were purchased and altered to suit each child. The story pages were painted and gilt, bound within the covers, ribbon page markers were added and the projects tied up in ribbon. We took the dad for coffee and gave each book in a box so other forms of memory could be added. He gave these to the girls on Mother's Day. This woman was a very special friend, the embodiment of all that is Mary, may she rest in peace. Here she is.. as archived March - In Honour of Your Mama (2011)

  9. Fabulous artwork, all of it. Your words eminate the Lakota saying of Mitakwe Oyasin, we are all related, or all my relations. Mary is one no matter how she is seen or perceived, and so is The Great Mystery.


  10. Mary does fill in the spaces between the stars and she fills in the holes in our hearts too.

  11. AMEN sister!
    Perfectly said.
    And as always, I am admiring your photos...
    what an artistic eye!
    The eyes are so powerful in your sketch.

  12. Thank you for replying to my question. I admire your strength in undertaking this healing journey with your friends and for your friend's daughters. It will mean so much to them in the years to come. The blessings of Mary in this life.

  13. I love the sketch and it is probably a more accurate representation of what Mary must've looked like than the renditions that have filled our lives.

  14. dear one,

    each morning we have thrown open the doors to our hearts.

    we have called out glory, love, compassion.

    day after day we have set out welcoming chairs in the

    house of belonging.

    lifting the veil of sacred existence.

    beveled off the edges of difference and distance

    to see more deeply the

    unbearable beauty of simply being,


    for this and so much more i thank you,

    and look forward to our forever


  15. What beautiful, inspired book art.

  16. I am loving seeing how these progress and grow and the story and sentiment behind this is really lovely... the journals are beautiful... inspirational...xx

  17. Love your art work! Wow! ~~ thanks, namaste, CArol (A Creative Harbor) AVAD ^_^

  18. she's very mysterious behind the veil! I love the other sketch of Mary too!

  19. Loving the sketch of Mary in a Burka. It is deeply meaningful to me. I love the mindful wanderings and insights that it brought your way. I read the page in the photo about your mom and I was deeply moved by it. thank you for sharing such an intimate detail of your life here. All of your drawings and poems have been heart opening and soul transforming in one way or another. I am very glad to have discovered your blog and to have met you in this way, Lenora.

  20. Thank you Noelle, i feel the same. To clarify this writing was not for my mom, but for the children of a dear friend who passed on this year, their mother was young and beautiful, already an angel in the making.. her children 11 and 13 are the picture of their mother, she leads and guides them still i am sure.

  21. All your photos and art are exquisite, but I am particularly drawn to the image of a middle eastern madonna.

  22. Your sketch is hauntingly beautiful. The eyes pop out and your insight is wonderful, thank you!

  23. Your journal pages are wonderful, love the gold guiding.

    Thanks for the blog visit, Sketchclub is very cool,I'm enjoying using it. You said you have used other drawing apps on the iPad, do you mind me asking which ones? Any you would recommend?

    Happy Sunday Sketches xx

  24. what can I say? absolutely gorgeous!


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