Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poetry and Verse

There is poetry filling up our house! Handwritten / typed on an ancient typewritter Santa once brought / lying 'round the floor of the playroom / on torn scraps in the art room / sent to me via e-mail!

Here are two of T's poems. He is 12 years old.


The sweet honey and luscious chocolate
are an elaborate dream from near a place where wind
whispers to eternity and cool blue watery sea spray
floods the sun and shadows the gorgeous summer sky


by T (c)2010

'spring garden II' by C (c)2008


Love is a language of its own; easy to gain
easy to lose. Sometimes we miss the
most important & wonderful gifts of life - we fail to stop to see a
gorgeous moment or listen to the
singing poem of Love. It is magnificent
to see through the dark shadows & soar through a dream full of Love.

by T (c)2010

This is wonderful! March Project 1 - Poetry - Complete!

Have a great day!

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