Friday, December 12, 2014

Mary day 12

12 days with Mary

 ~ Day 12 ~

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

she, is still on my to do list,

fortunately, my dear friend's mother painted this water colour,
used with permission in our memorial books

Our Lady ~ by Paula

invocating grace

listening with collective faith

bound by our intention

Il mantello rosso di Maria - by L Moore

Mary's red mantle

 Mary, queen of Saints

If you could have had bobbles

and finery, I'd give you

my red mantle, in

thanks for your unconditional Love

Mary's mantle was sketched last night
with a dear friend in mind;
she loves Mary and the colour red,
and she has had a tough couple of days

ciao, mi carissima, you are loved!

linking to 
12 days with Mary at recuerda mi corazon

Thanks to the Enchanting Rebecca at Recuerda mi corazon
and to those who participate in her many pilgrimages

xxxx you are all a blessing!

Many blessings on your day today!

Il mantello rosa de Maria, 2014, pencil crayon, charcoal, acrylic, india ink

Our Lady, 1997, water colour


  1. How very lovely. May you be abundantly blessed!!! Cathy

  2. Such a lucky friend to have you as a friend! I love your red mantle Mary. It has been such a privilege and honor to share this 12 day journey with you. Thank you for being who you are.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This is so beautiful Lenora, thank you for sharing and spreading the light.

  5. And blessings to you as well. Your "red" is lovely.

  6. Many good wishes to you dear Lenora.

  7. So lovely Lenora, both images and your haiku of grace...

  8. oh Lenora,,,if only you knew...
    i just painted Mary with a red mantle
    twice today
    how love-ly yours is!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. What a beautiful gift for your friend!

  10. lovely!!
    have a nice weekend

    much love...

  11. Lovely tribute to Our Lady ~ pray for me ~

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  12. dearest,
    i cannot begin to tell you how you have sweeten each of these days together! thank you for your art, your words, your shining heart! xo


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