Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Mary by C Moore for Fr 7 Christmas Card
This one's my daughters, age 12

 Christmas Card Gr 7 2012

Our paintings are our prayers to Mary,
gifted to our teachers..

may we all find in our hearts
the sacred, the divine

and may peace be with you in all you do..

Finally! our accordion style class card is complete, 15 meditations on Mary, 15 paintings, meditation being prayer.. we will make 7 of these for 7 more than special people who have shepherded our children these last 8 years..

it take s a village to raise a child
and our village is a blessing to us all..

may peace be with you always!

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  1. How beautiful and how lucky the recipients!

    I've really enjoyed my visits here during these 12 days - thank you! Hope to be back afterwards!

  2. and we have created a village here on-line - thank you for your share in inspiration and encouragement and wisdom! blessings to you

  3. i hope you can see my face right now as it is beaming with love and a smile of deep happiness. there you go. true gifts from the heart.
    what could move anyone more?
    thank you for folding us all up in the beauty of this accordion of love!!!
    please tell the children they have blessed us greatly!

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart and the beautiful art of the children these past 12 days. Your contributions have been a beautiful gift to all of us.

  5. From the hearts of babes! Art created by a young person is so honest and authentic in that it has no pretenses or makes any excuses. I love the images that you have shared with us and your experiences. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey on these 12 days.

  6. such love you and the children pour into their gifts! thank you for allowing us to share it with you all

  7. Have loved all these paintings by the children. God Bless them all. Thank you for sharing these past 12 days. I've enoyed all your posts.

  8. Wonderfully creative accordion card and such a treasure to make, give and receive ~ many blessings to you ~ so glad to have been on the 12 Day journey with you ~

    (A Creative Harbor) aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  9. Most certainly the best teacher's gift--ever!
    Your daughter's Mary...the curls, the crown, the profile...so wonderful.

  10. Tah dah! The final explosion of our Mary fireworks presentation. All the children's art has been pure blessing. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  11. The children's art you've posted has lent such a graced innocence to these twelve days. Thanks for all you've shared and posted. I will continue to visit! :)

  12. How special all these Marys have been these 12 days. Made by the hands of her daughters, it has been equally refreshing for them as well, I'm sure. So happy to have shared these days with you.

  13. This is such a wonder-filled project! Thank you for sharing it with us morning by morning!

  14. I would love to reside in your village to receive such blessings, although we certainly were blessed here in Mornings with Mary!

    You asked about my Mary?

    Finger drawing on condensation window first thing in the morning when it was still quite dark. Edited in Picasa and Picnik for the text + decorations.

  15. I've enjoyed sharing this twelve day journey with you Lenora. The paintings are so fresh and beautiful.......thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you a joyful festive season!

  16. O! what SWEETNESS!!! abides here! I LOVE this Mary with her crown! That card will be such a JOY to the ones getting it for sure!! Thank YOU for your compliments! and I really love your profile pic! Peace to YOU too and all the children!

  17. What a wonderful, wonderful card! I wish you and the children a very Happy Christmas.xx


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