Friday, June 29, 2012

Martial Arts

Twice the katana

Meditation brings calmness

Deadly in battle

haiku and line drawing T Moore age 15

Train for many years

Meditation and honour

Tea Ceremony

.. collar bone finally healed after a break in the finals at wrestling..  my son is excited to get back to taekwondo and sport in general!

right back at it!!

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what might you get back to this summer?


  1. wonderful poems.... and love the line drawing
    yea for healing!

  2. thought provoking haiku on eastern philosophy~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  3. I feel as though I'm still in training--and will be for many years!

    Concertina Wire & Sky

  4. Good to hear about the healing. The best part to me is the fact that the Martial Arts are for peace, in knowing them is to not to have to use them.
    I like the Haiku bringing him full circle.


  5. lovely sense of movement in the haiku, glad to hear about the healing!

  6. love the haiku and happy to hear your son is on the mend! I hope to get back to a sense of peace in my life...working hard at that.

  7. your son's sketch is good and i like the haiku! I'm glad he is better.

  8. Ouch! Sounds nasty. Glad he's better!

  9. the sword!! On guard! Hayaa! :D hee

  10. great sketch and glad your son is mended and can get back to sorry for being so late getting here...xx

  11. Simplicity is beautiful! Wow! ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  12. dear lenorita,
    please forgive me for my late arrival. i have been away from the computer and am only now visiting all the haiku offerings. i am so happy to see you and your delightful children return to charm us all.
    so glad your son is on the mend and returning to his passions.

  13. i'm glad for the mended son. i have just finished a book, the tea house fire which includes the world when the tea ceremony were a way of life. meditation and honor. i like that phrase.

  14. dear sweet lenorita,

    i have so missed you and your sweet glimpses of family life. i hope you are all well and enjoying the last of this golden summer.

    once again i am dedicating each sunday in october to The Art of Remembering.
    i cannot begin to tell you how deeply moved i am with this outpouring of love, and i hope you will return to woo us once more with your precious memories!
    please invite your blog family, the more stories shared, all the more love igniting our hearts!
    truly this is my most favorite meme of the year, so tender, so profound, so simple, so real.

    please let me know that you and yours are well. i think of you often and fondly.

  15. thank you dear friend for your visit today. i am glad you are all right and understand so well when life needs us in challenging ways. yes, i am dedicating each sunday in october to the art of remembering. i would love to have you join in whenever life allows.
    sending you my warmest regard.


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