Saturday, August 20, 2011

For Sophia

Maria in Trono

These are some quick sketches I did while recently in Rome.
I so love Roma, oodles and oodles of art and history and art,
Madonnas on every corner looking down on you, bells and cobble and pillars and everything so very old and layered.. ahhh!

Today's sketches are dedicated to Sophia's Father..

may he and she be carried by friends and family
at this difficult time..

Madonna con il bambino

the first is "Maria in Trono" (mosaic)
the second is "Madonna con il bambino"

Both are found in one of my favorite churches in Rome
the Amazing Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastavere, Roma

Visit Sophia's heart warming
Bluechairdiary and give her a hug..

For a visual tour today's
Sunday Sketches hosted by Heather

xxxx in support of Sophia and her precious Father..


  1. amazing sketches!!!they remind me so much of greek and byzantine art!!!

  2. Wonderful sketch a beautiful tribute to Sophia's father!

  3. Good Morning,
    Wow, what a heartfelt tribute to Sophia and her fathers...Your sketches are very well's just so sweet to include that in your art today!
    I know she will really appreciate that.
    Lucky you to be in Rome, wonderful!
    Have a great day, xo

  4. good to see your sketches inspired by your time in Rome. Nice tribute too.

  5. Ooooooh! Wonderful sketches ~ See the Rome influence ~ namaste, Carol ~ (Share the Creative Journey)

  6. Wow..gorgeous...these are stunning..and super-beautiful...very special!! Shine on..these are fantastic!!

  7. Really lovely sketches this week. They have such a medieval look and feel to them. What a wonderful dedication to Sophia.

  8. I love these sketches. Those old churches are always so beautiful and ornate. I'd love to go to Rome and sketch!

  9. Tears here. Thank you VERY much for the lovely tribute. They are beautiful and I really love the top one. Hugs!! :)


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