Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Fundraiser: November Project 2

I am so proud of myself! The kitchen is a mess - it will need to be cleaned before breakfast tomorrow morning - but i have squashed my control freak requirement to clean it NOW and taken the moment to join the children and my husband by the fire reading for half an hour before bed. Sometimes my organizing impulse is so strong - but I am glad I left it - these calm family moments are wonderful. They slow us (me) down, feed our souls. We will all probably live longer for them - if not longer, certainly better! After this quiet family moment I am refreshed and get more done, or I fall could asleep on the couch - which means go to bed - unlikely. didn't I say the kitchen's a disaster!

Our children are getting their Annual Christmas Fund Raiser (November Project 2) together! This year the prizes are the book "Screech",written by my son and published using and a Christmas candle made by my daughter. Prizes in past have been books they have written, and framed water colours they have painted, but prizes can be whatever inspires your children or family. Once you have done the fundraiser the first time, save all the work (we do up an e-mail and tickets on word) and the next year just change the dates, the prizes and the charity and it quickly comes together! My children sell tickets nominally at $1 so their friends can buy them. Advertising is to friends via e-mail with pictures of the prizes and a description of the charity they have chosen (see below). I think they really learn from the process and friends LOVE it! Here's a sample from this year's precious project.

T and C's Annual Christmas Fundraiser 2009
Thank you For Your Generosity - Draw Tickets only $1

"This year we are splitting the money raised between two charity groups. We wanted to raise money for building some children a school. The first charity is called "Imagine One Day" and builds schools in Ethiopia. But then we found out that the churches still have some money to pay for our own elementary school, St. Anthony's. So we are going to give half of the money we raise to Imagine One Day and half to St. Anthony's Parish for their School Building Fund.

Imagine One Day's website states that "education is a basic human right that leads to achieving other human rights and that an educated population forms the backbone of every society". It is a cool website, check it out!

As in past years , tickets are only $1 an there are two great prizes!

Prize: "Screech" Children's Adventure Story by T. Hard cover, autographed copy.
Prize: "Archangel Gabriel Candle and Glass" Original Art Work by C, autographed."

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