Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Maple Leaf Fairies Build a House

My children love to see their work in print - published. (Don't we all!) This is a story from my daughter's book of short fiction "Fairy Folk Tales" that she asked that I post. We used to publish her book. Blurb is manageable for the children to use with a little guidance- but it is what we call a 'many day project'!

The Maple Leaf Fairies Build a House

Rusalka, Bruci and Nissa lived in a Maple Tree. They loved riding on the squirrels backs. Rusalka has blond hair which humans think is the rays of the sun. Brucie has brown hair which humans think is bark. Nissa has red hair which humans think is autumn leaves.
The story I am going to tell you about is when Rusalka, Brucie and Nissa first moved into our Maple tree. First of all they made a door high up in the trunk Then they made two windows of a special fairy glass so no humans can see though them. The last thing Rusalka, Brucie and Nissa did was build a chimney. This was very hard for them because they had to bring tiny pebbles up the tree one at a time, day after day. When their chimney was finally finished they lit a fire and lay on the couch eating tiny fairy marshmallows.

The End

copyright C.Moore 2008

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  1. That is a fantastic story! I love how each fairy has hair that we unknowing humans mistake for everyday nature things. Great photo illustration, too. I look forward to hearing more about Rusalka, Brucie and Nissa. I hope they find some mini chocolate chips and graham crackers so they could make some tiny fairy s'mores. - Krista


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